How Does It Work?

We take a small percentage of the compensation we retrieve for you, and that’s it. You don’t pay us to start working for you, you don’t pay us hourly, and you don’t pay us to inspect the loss. How great a deal is this for you? Well, the only way we make more money is by making you more money.

There are lots of complexities within insurance contracts that make it very difficult to maximize compensation on your own. We have years and years of experience working with those complexities to keep our clients happy! From the minute we arrive for inspection, we go to bat for you with the insurance company to ensure you a fair settlement.

The Services We Offer

As the top public adjusters in Media, PA, we handle the following services:

  • Emergency Services Mitigation
  • Complete Evidentiary Photos
  • Policy & Property Review
  • Insurance Company Negotiation/Inspections
  • Settlement of Building Damage
  • Settlement of Content Damage
  • Temporary Housing & Additional Living Expense
  • Contractor Review & Placement (on request)
  • Holdback/Mortgage Company Inspections

As Public Adjusters, What Do We Do?

As public adjusters, we are here for you when disaster strikes your home or business. In the case of damage, large or small, we will go to battle for you to maximize your settlement. Insurance companies and contracts can be tricky, so let our 24/7 public adjusters handle them.

Our public adjusters in Media, PA will come to your home or business to inspect the loss, and then review your insurance policy to figure out if you have a claim. We handle all types of claims including (but not limited to): fire, smoke, storms, water, theft, leaks, wind, and broken pipes.

By dealing with this alone, you will leave financial compensation on the table, and that’s the last thing you want to experience in a dire situation.

Even with an incredible amount of time, effort, and headaches, a person with no background in the insurance and public adjustment field couldn’t come close to getting the compensation that Home + Business Public Adjusters can. Make the right decision for your family and allow us to help you back on your feet!

Top Public Adjusters in Media, PA

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